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Get involved with CUARC via fundraising events, volunteer work and participating in activities. You can make a donation, become a member to show your support, or become a volunteer!

Send your check payable to Urban Art Retreat or using the email address-  Paypal to give a donation!
Right now, we are raising money to build a ramp & become accessible. Please help!


Explore volunteer opportunities! Our organization is totally run by volunteers! Attend an orientation on  Saturday at noon-1p.m.

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We are looking for office staff, youth volunteers,  board members,  Peace Parks volunteers,  gardeners,  real estate people, marketing folks,  etc. 

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About Us
The Chicago Urban Art Retreat Center (CUARC) is organized to provide safe space for people who are different from each other to come together and learn from each other. This non-profit was created to provide support and positive opportunities for under-represented people in an environment that strives to be multicultural.

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Media Updates

Liz Long Gallery Images

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Nationally Recognized Fashion & Arts Humanity Fete (FAHF) In it's 3rd year, this nationally recognized award show recognized our executive director.

Our executive director, Dianna C. Long accepts an award for her humanitarian efforts through her work at Chicago Urban Art Retreat Center. She says- "I am so very committed to contributing to leveling the playing field the people who could be viewed as the have-nots occupy. The distance between the haves and the have-nots seems to increase. The difference between those who are humane and those who are not humane increases substantially each year. People increasingly become more desensitized to the pain of others."

I cannot just sit by and watch this happen.



End Violence Against Women and Girls! 

Through One Billion Rising, activists worldwide have mobilized, engaged, awakened and joined people across the planet to end violence against women and girls. We have made violence against women a global issue, not relegated to country or tribe or class or religion.
ONE BILLION RISING will expand with its theme of REVOLUTION and SOLIDARITY this year. OBR has become a movement unto itself, taking activism out of the theater and into the streets, front and center. As neo-liberal policies and rapacious capitalism have become the engine of most governments, bringing profound consequences for the long suffering working class and marginalized sectors, it is more important than ever to be in solidarity with women on the front lines. Suffering has reached new heights and this year OBR is seeing a new, dynamic and radical militancy and vibrancy that is opposing and rising against such repression and oppression. Activists across sectors are invited to stage Artistic Uprisings in their communities.


DCL Voodoo Woman my logo.JPG 


Liz Long Gallery at Chicago Urban Art Retreat Center will open a show of art on February 10 by artists on the theme “End Violence Against Women and Girls!” 

Liz Long Gallery 1957 S. Spaulding at 21st Chicago, Illinois 60623

receive art by January 10

guidelines to enter the show at

updates on



Right now these are the shows coming up:

Dec/Jan James V. Allen

Feb/March End Violence Against Women & Girls

April/May International Artists

June/July Fighting Discrimination

Aug/Sept  Artist Members

If an artist is interested in one of these art shows, they can apply.
We need to know which show, and have a narrative from them about why their art belongs in that particular show. We accept videos, 3-D art/sculpture & mixed media, and wall art. Guidelines on how to enter are on the gallery page.







On October 30 we had a French delegation visiting CUARC to discuss how youth can be involved in community. On November 1 we had a delegation from East Africa visiting to talk about how violence can be deterred by community involvement. Both groups participated in our new art fence project. They discussed social justice issues & then painted positive response on small wooden blocks. The wood block paintings will be installed on our fence. People will be able to see art as they pass our building outside. 

african delegates group photo Nov 2017.jpg


Artists Peace Hub : GROW  North Lawndale 

Using the Kedzie stop on the CTA pink line as the center of the hub, we intend to renovate buildings and build new ones to provide artists live/work spaces, galleries, bookstore, computer shop/gallery, coffee shop, park, and healthy food outlets.


We would create construction jobs, shop & building maintenance jobs, grounds keeper jobs, educator positions, art positions (visual arts, dance, music, studio), daycare jobs, coffee shop jobs, office worker, & terrific opportunities for youth and families, plus more.



The Chicago Urban Art Retreat Center is located just a few blocks from this area & will be a part of the hub. We are at the corner of 21st and S. Spaulding ave. (1957 S. Spaulding.) 2 blocks west of Kedzie pink line stop. We are looking at expanding into the building next to us.


CUARC is currently recruiting North Lawndale artists, folks interested in developing North Lawndale for the future, and others who are interested in discussing this project and perhaps volunteering to bring it to fruition. We have architects drawing up plans, and are setting up discussions to involve neighborhood people and others interested in being involved.


North Lawndale and then the world!



If you are interested in getting involved in this  project on any level, in any way, please send us an email- 

Planning meeting is Dec. 10, Sunday at 2-3:30 at Urban Art Retreat, 1957 S. Spaulding Ave., just two short blocks west of the Kedzie pink line stop. We will discuss the project and potential funding for the initial costs of the project. Everyone is welcome to attend. Please RSVP to




We held our 2nd annual Youth Art Fest & Art Contest Day in the Peace Park, 2101 S. Spaulding Ave. Teens painted (13-19) black heroes using acrylics on wood. First prize was $150. Children of all ages who attended received free art supplies. Music, games, refreshments, face painting took place. The art gallery displayed art by participants from over the summer. 

YouthArtFest Daniel w:winners 2017-3.jpg
Top three prize winners who painted black hero portraits with contest originator, Daniel Gedroic.



Kids painting in art studio w:EmyLee 2017 summer.jpg

family making art in the art studio this summer!

CUARC International Artists Show in hallway gallery (from Morocco, Mexico, France, Brasil)

Elmadani street scene with people Morocco artist 2013.JPG

artist work from Morocco




Dog sniffing chalk butt.jpg

Animal art show! for information.  You may also call us at 773-542-9126 to leave a message. You may visit




Art workshops for adults at Urban Art Retreat who request info. by emailing       All materials provided.

1957 S. Spaulding Ave. corner of 21st, 2 blocks west of Kedzie pink line stop.

Drawing, painting, collage, and assemblage will be available to try. Highly experienced instructor who teaches art-making in supportive environment to all level students.

Donations will be accepted for our Build A Ramp project!
Adult art studio mask with feathers.jpg



gallery black art show discussion.jpg





Liz Long Gallery at Chicago Urban Art Retreat Center

 1957 S. Spaulding Ave. at 21st


Dianna C. Long - Face Held Together.JPG 

 contact person: 

To enter a show, send images of your art to curator via  


Service Learning Hours:

Community Service Hours!    

Find out about community projects that Chicago Urban Art Retreat Center is involved in to improve North Lawndale.   

PPP youth working .jpg

 *     Youth Recycling Education program. youth help the neighborhood by picking up litter, cleaning up vacant lots, planting flowers, and more. They also learn about recycling & presentation skills. Youth visit area homes to educate people about the importance of recycling, re-using, and reducing waste.) 

We need people in the neighborhood to be interested and supportive. 

Plus we need volunteers to help with programming. 

You can Become Part of the Solution! 

RSVP at 


Peace Walk 2013.jpg

Chicago Peace Walks   beginning at 2101 S. Spaulding, 2 blocks west of the pink line Kedzie stop. Wear white. Adults and youth are welcome. For those who want to help organize and/or be security volunteers, contact organizers to find out more- 

Yes, the Peace Walk will take place in North Lawndale. Everyone in Chicago is welcome to participate. As we work on improving the North Lawndale neighborhood, we realize that creating and maintaing peace is a large part of the process. We have come to believe that peace begins inside each of us, peace begins at home, and we carry it around with us. At Urban Art Retreat, we teach peaceful practices such as conflict resolution, mindful breathing, meditation, yoga, gardening as nature is nurture, and much more.

peace sign on garage door through fence.jpg

By working on the projects our non-profit, Chicago Urban Art Retreat Center, is involved in- the Peace Parks of North Lawndale, ongoing Peace Walks, MURAL PROJECTS, and the Youth Recycling Education Program to clean up North Lawndale, we feel we contribute to creating peace and helping others to realize peace in their lives. These types of projects and peace walks can take place in other communities as well.


There are many ways everyone can introduce peace to their lives, and feel they are making a difference and doing something to bring peace to their community. Apathy is the deadliest weapon of mass destruction. Please join us to experience group peace and encourage others to support peace.

All of us are working on projects to benefit our neighborhoods. Let's hope we will continue to support each other in the betterment of our communities. Peace!

Puzzle Mural African American portraits.png

Also- special workshops for kids of all ages on painting portraits of black heroes.

Peace Parks Mural Project!
Wanted: locations and youth to paint portraits of African American heroes for Peace Parks "PUZZLE MURAL". You can come here or we can bring free workshop to your site!send request to
Want to join us in Neighborhood Improvement projects? Peace Parks instead of vacant lots, & War On Filth are wonderful projects! we are recruiting volunteers to help!
sheep- blacknose sheep photo.png 
COMING UP: AN ART SHOW FOR animal lovers
We are forming small committees to oversee the needs of our seven programs:
Women's Residence
Art gallery
Art Studio
Have Studio Will Travel
Community Art
and Youth
To find out more,
please attend Orientation.